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DLA Consulting was founded in December 2018 by Niek Alofs,  to help organizations with international ambitions adapt to a changing world. We see vast changes in global politics and markets, which significantly impacts organizations. Think about Brexit, the rise of China or the way social media has affected politics. Our main aim is to identify operational and business risks associated with geopolitical and political uncertainty for your company to respond adequately. The mission of DLA Consulting is to make sense of the world for you.

We deliver a quick analysis of unfolding political events, so your business can adequately respond and make better business decisions. We make use of a mix of sources (data, my network, history, and philosophy) to come up with available, tailor-made solutions. My background in International Relations and (economic) diplomacy (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), as well as Global Government & Public Affairs (Heineken and Philips), allows me to come up with the right solutions for your company.


The world is becoming a more unstable and unpredictable place. Many businesses working in emerging and unpredictable markets, or those that want to become active on the global market, encounter risks and challenges that are primarily shaped by politics. For companies and research agencies, this means that it will become harder to do business abroad or work together with parties outside of the home market.

We want to make sense of the world for you. We use our specialized knowledge of government affairs, international trade, and international cooperation to help you develop and implement strategies that will support the long-term success and growth of your organization. With a wide range of knowledge in our fields of expertise, we aim to provide practical solutions to many obstacles that ambitious growing organizations come to face in a rapidly growing global and international economy.


The name DLA comes from ‘De L’Audace,’ boldness, audacity: fearlessness, especially with confident disregard for conventional thought, or other restrictions. The name symbolizes our journey of embarking on new adventures, explore new opportunities and translate risks into possibilities. Our logo, a blue horizon on a white background, emphasizes these values and exemplifies our belief in looking beyond the horizon and realize our ambitions.

DLA Consulting solves your problems. We believe that human communication and interaction, a personalized approach, considering their business culture, really helps to come up with the best solutions for you. We provide tailor-made products, adjusted to your needs.  We are always open to new ideas, exploring new horizons, and improving the state of our societies and environment by bringing people together. Moreover, we are a consulting firm in the digital age. Therefore, we provide knowledge and data that cannot be found using Google, we deeper understanding of the issues at hand.

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