DLA Consulting is an independent consultancy firm that specializes in international business development, market entry support, and geopolitical intelligence.


DLA is a specialized consultancy agency with several years of international experience, both for multinationals as well as government agencies.


DLA Consulting offers an extensive range of tailor-made consulting services designed to help your organization realize its international ambitions.


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International Business Development

We offer professional policy and strategic services to a diverse group of clients – in the private and public sector – across a full range of policy areas.

International Business Development 

DLA Consulting assists organizations that aspire to grow internationally or want to enter new (emerging) markets. We provide support and coaching in this process and help organizations to implement your internationalization plans and align you with our international network. We help you by crafting an internationalization strategy that is catered to your needs. DLA Consulting develops tailor-made programs for companies to make them aware of the opportunities abroad, and assist them in the process of entering foreign markets.

Government Affairs Consulting:

DLA is dedicated to helping businesses and organizations navigate the complexities of red tape from governments and provides easy access to government programs and subsidies, both at home and abroad. As native Dutch speakers, we can help you with access to the right government departments, subsidies, and stakeholders in the Netherlands. We can help you understand (new) legislation and (re)develop your company’s strategy to respond to legislative and other policy-related changes.

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Other Services

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