Political Risk Intelligence

We deliver rapid analysis of unfolding political events, so your business can adequately respond and make better business decisions. We make use of a mix of sources (data, network, history, and philosophy) to come up with available, tailor-made solutions.

Public Policy & Geopolitical Impact Analysis
A change in government policy, new regulations in your industry or new Free Trade agreements: chances are high these developments with impact your business. We help companies deal with these changing dynamics. We monitor the effect of elections, policies, regulations, ideas, conflicts, and demographics and identify what they mean for your business. We provide an analysis of potential risks in the world by working closely together with our international network. We come to the aid of our clients to help them understand what is going on, and how their company can respond to these changes.

Stakeholder mapping and analysis
We want our clients to make sense of the political environment in which they operate, both domestically and abroad. We help you to identify, build and maintain a healthy reputation with (political) stakeholders. We help you by analyzing the leading players in the decision-making process. We also provide you with access to key decision makers in foreign markets by working together with our international network. We help you to reach out and establish vital relationships with relevant decision-makers in the market you are active in or want to be. We connect you with our network on the ground.

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